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PA Turnpike (Mainline Western Portion) 
Images refresh every 7 seconds then changes off this page after several minutes to minimize refresh bandwidth
Turnpike cameras update less often than Penn DOT cameras.
Cameras may be off-line, out of focus, out of date, aimed improperly, obscured, etc.
Note, check timestamp on camera image as some may be out of date.

Turnpike - Harrisburg East 247.4

Turnpike - Susquehanna Br East Side 246.8

Turnpike - West Susquehanna Bridge 245.5

Turnpike - Gettysburg 236.1

Turnpike - Carlisle 226.4

Turnpike - Blue Mountain IC 201.3

Turnpike - Blue Mountain Tunnel 200.4

Turnpike - Kittatinny Tunnel East side 197.1

Turnpike - Kittatinny Tunnel West side 196.5

Turnpike - Willow Hill 188.6

Turnpike - Tuscarora East of Tunnel 188.0

Turnpike - Tuscarora Tunnel East side 187.4

Turnpike - Tuscarora Tunnel West side 186.0

Turnpike - Tuscarora West of Tunnel 184.7

Turnpike - Fort Littleton Exit 179.4

Turnpike - Breezewood 161.2

Turnpike - Breezewood 161.1

Turnpike - Bedford Exit 145.5

Turnpike - Allegheny Tunnel East side 123.4

Turnpike - Allegheny Tunnel West side 121.9

Turnpike - West of Allegheny Tunnel 121.5

Turnpike - Somerset Exit 109.9

Turnpike - Donegal Exit 90.7

Turnpike - New Stanton 75.2

Turnpike - Irwin Exit 67.3

Turnpike - Pittsburgh 57.0

Turnpike - Pittsburgh 56.5

Turnpike - Allegheny Valley Toll Plaza 47.7

Turnpike - Allegheny Bridge 47.6

Turnpike - Warrendale Inline Toll Plaza 31.3

Turnpike - Warrendale Inline Toll Plaza 30.5

Turnpike - Cranberry 28.5

Turnpike - Gateway 1.6

Turnpike - Gateway 1.2

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These Traffic Camera pages are still a work in progress so things may change a little as I massage the data.  I will possibly add a few more pages covering additional routes that may be of interest.  Note that most of the camera images are from PennDOT but there are also some others from PA Turnpike, MD SHA etc.

This data is to provide assistance for travelling in the area.  I am not responsible for any of the camera data or changes that PennDot, PA Turnpike, Del DOT, MD SHA or others make to their camera feeds.  Many things outside my control can change impacting data on this web including, camera availability, up-to-date camera data, camera assignments, camera access, camera aim, etc.  All of this data is publically available elsewhere on the web and is just compiled here for convenience.